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Western Hardwoods Inc. is a third generation, family-owned company located in Shoreline, Washington. We have been providing quality installations, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, for over 30 years throughout the state of Washington. We regularly work with owners, architects, general contractors, and school districts to provide services and expertise in the Sport Flooring & Commercial Flooring Industry.

We take pride in offering a wide array of services to go along with our new installations. Some of our services include: water damage repair, complete floor replacement, sanding and refinishing, custom graphics and logos, annual maintenance coating, as well as volleyball, badminton, and gymnastics floor plate and sleeve installations.

Experience, Knowledge & Trust

Featuring Horner Sports Flooring

Current member of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA)

MFMA Certified & Accredited Installation Company

Our Vice President, Paul Ferry, is a Current member of the MFMA Sports Flooring Advisory Counsel Representing Horner Flooring

All Services are also available through KCDA

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Wood & Synthetic Sport Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Stage Flooring


Complete Sanding & Annual Maintenance Coating

Custom Floor Design

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Vice President - Paul Ferry

Western Hardwoods Inc.

512 NE 165th St, Shoreline, WA 98155, US

(206) 367 - 3717


Maple & Synthetic Sport Flooring

Horner Flooring's only authorized Washington State Installation Specialist. Installations include new, water damage repair, and full replacements.

We proudly carry Horner Flooring's full product line, including wood systems and synthetic systems. Horner is one of the founding members of the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA), and all Horner products are MFMA certified.

Commercial Flooring

From Pre-finished Flooring to Site-Finished Flooring in office, commercial, and retail spaces.

Stage Flooring

From School Theaters to large Performing Arts Centers, we provide complete installations of stage flooring systems. Our finishes range from painted Tempered Hardboard and MDF, to natural Wood Flooring.


Complete Sand & Refinish

Our refinishing process includes the complete sanding of an existing floor down to raw wood, application of sealer, painting of game lines and logos (if desired), and the application of finish.

Typically, Sports Floors should be sanded and refinished every 12 to 15 years.

Maintenance Coatings

Every year, your Maple Sports Floors should have a Maintenance Coat of finish applied. This process is done by dry screening for optimal adhesion, cleaning, and applying 1 to 2 coats of finish.

This routine process is essential in prolonging the life and playability of your Maple Sports Flooring. If your custodial staff is currently maintaining and coating your floor, you know how time consuming this process is. Typically, we can abrade, clean, and apply 1 coat of finish in 1 day. Please call for a free estimate. You might be surprised at how efficient and cost-effective this process is, when left to professionals.

Custom Floor Design


3-Point Arcs, Borders, Center Circles, or 

Custom Designs

Painted Logos

Logos, Borders, and Lettering

Airbrushed Logos

Custom Airbrushed Logos by 

Artist Tom Bogle